IzzHome non è “solo” una catena di appartamenti, è uno stile di vita, in particolare lo stile di vacanza. Uno stile di vacanza casual, libero, divertente, facile, confortevole e completo.
Con Izzhome sei libero di vivere a pieno la destinazione, con la disponibilità di un appartamento nuovo e completo.

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Who we are

IzzHome who we are

What is?

IzzHome is not “just” a chain of apartments, it’s a lifestyle, in particular the style of vacation. A casual, free, fun, easy, comfortable and complete holiday style.
With Izzhome you are free to live fully the destination, with the availability of a new and complete apartment.

IzzHome is:

  • Completeness: our apartments are equipped with every convenience and comfort, you do not have to do anything but bring your clothes.
  • Convenience: the IzzHome apartments are located in the city center, very close to public transportation stops and shopping streets.
  • Ease of use: full assistance before, during and after holidays, transfers to/from the airport, and much more…
  • Fun: with IzzHome you can enjoy exclusive benefits, from aperitifs to discounts in clubs and restaurants.
  • For everyone: all the apartments are modular, therefore suitable for couples, families, groups of friends, but also for business trips.


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